Adore Me Enters Partnership to Track Carbon Impact, Boost Sustainability Across Product Mix

Adore Me has partnered with Carbonfact to reduce its carbon footprint. The retailer will conduct a Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) throughout its product mix and identify key areas, from raw materials to supplier selection, which will enable at-scale eco-design to produce accessible and affordable low-environmental-impact lingerie.

Adore Me began deploying Carbonfact in November 2022 and has since fully integrated the solution provider’s technology into its ecosystem. The partnership will enable Adore Me’s designers and production team to model products and optimize every step of the product’s lifecycle, from raw material selection to material processing techniques, manufacturing, distribution and use.

The apparel sector’s emissions sit at roughly 2% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the World Resources Institute. Greater visibility into the distribution of carbon emissions throughout a product’s lifecycle will help Adore Me, which is a Certified B Corporation, get closer to its goal of reducing its Scope 3 carbon footprint by 20% in 2025 and achieving net zero status by 2050. These tools will assist the lingerie retailer with its mission of delivering on its promise of democratizing sustainability in fashion and making it more accessible.

“Tracking carbon footprint and decarbonizing are two of the biggest hurdles fashion brands face, as classic carbon accounting can take weeks or even months, and cost upwards of $15,000,” said Romain Liot, COO at Adore Me in a statement. “Historically, there’s also been limited data available on the carbon impact that various materials have and a lack of standardization for sustainability measurement and reporting. This presents a major roadblock for retailers who manage ever-evolving product portfolios, making affordable and sustainable fashion a far-fetched goal for most. Carbonfact has made this goal attainable by democratizing and automating the LCA process, and we’re proud to be one of their first major partners on the path to decarbonizing the fashion industry.”

Adore Me’s dedication to ESG initiatives also could help parent company Victoria’s Secret, which acquired Adore Me in November 2022, bolster its image. The lingerie retailer has been working to shed its elitist image, and learning from Adore Me’s dedication to affordable and sustainable options could help Victoria’s Secret better reach a wider audience.