Execs from Target, Hy-Vee and Five Below Top 2024 Retail Innovator Award Winners List

This year's Retail Innovator Award winners represent some of the industry's most forward-thinking executives who have driven significant organization and industry change.

In the simplest terms, an innovator is someone who creates or introduces something new. But in the world of retail, innovators have the power and potential to do so much more: they drive cutting-edge tech implementations, unlock new revenue opportunities and help drive a brand into a new era of relevance and impact.  
This year’s Retail Innovator Award winners represent all of this — and more. In fact, these 20 executives are showcasing how they’re driving their organizations — and the industry at large — forward, creating new standards for retail excellence in the process. Winners and their accomplishments will be featured in an in-depth report in Retail TouchPoints this summer. 
This year’s Retail Innovator Award winners are:  

  • Jill Pavlovich, SVP of Digital Shopping Experiences, Albertsons Companies 
  • Kristi Argyilan, SVP of Albertsons Media Collective 
  • Roberto Gomez, CEO of Retail (former), Ametller Origen  
  • Praveen Menon, Head of Analytics & Business Intelligence, CVS Media Exchange 
  • Allen Warch, Vice President, Division Merchandise Manager, Dollar General 
  • Rachel Neill, Founder and CEO, Figgy 
  • Graham Poliner, SVP of Planning, Allocation & Analytics, Five Below  
  • Carter Jensen, Sr. Manager of Digital Strategy & Innovation, General Mills 
  • Jennifer Lambert, SVP of Strategy & Planning, Hy-Vee, Inc. 
  • Christine Foster, VP of Product Strategy & Media Operations, Kroger Precision Marketing/84.51° 
  • Lynn Power, Co-founder & CEO, MASAMI 
  • Alexis Hoopes, VP of Ecommerce & Direct to Consumer, Mattel  
  • Lina Sabic, Director of Store Operations, Pacsun 
  • Matt Ezyk, Director of Ecommerce, Pet Supermarket 
  • Luca Netz, CEO, Pudgy Penguins 
  • Ken, Romaniszyn, Founder & Managing Director, ROYCE’ Chocolate 
  • Anna Harman, Co-founder & CEO, Studs 
  • Jill Sando, EVP & Chief Merchandising Officer, Target 
  • Ross Wiener, Director of Retail & Labor Operations, Visionworks 
  • Doug Weiss, SVP of Digital & Ecommerce, WHP Global