Grove Collaborative, Blueland Promote Plastic-Free July Initiatives

Two brands known for their commitment to sustainability, Grove Collaborative and Blueland, are marking Plastic-Free July with new tools and a fun consumer campaign, respectively.

Grove has launched its Beyond Plastic Impact Tracker, which discloses the amount of plastic avoided and recovered in each order, with the goal of engaging customers more directly in the fight against single-use plastic waste.

Drag queen and environmental activist Pattie Gonia celebrates Plastic-Free July (image courtesy Blueland)

Blueland has kicked off its “Pointless Plastic Campaign” in partnership with drag queen and environmental activist Pattie Gonia. Through the end of July, customers are encouraged to post images of swaps for unnecessary plastic (such as wrapping bananas, which have their own natural covering) and tagging Blueland on Instagram. For each image, the brand will donate $10 to Beyond Plastics.

Additionally, Grove Collaborative updated its Plastic Free by 2025 commitment and pledged to avoid 15 million total pounds of plastic by 2030, calculated based on the weight of plastic avoided by customers choosing products containing less single-use plastic. Grove customers can search and shop for reduced plastic alternatives through its Beyond Plastic digital badging system.

“In 2020, we set an ambitious goal to become plastic free by 2025, which pushed our company to aggressively innovate and collaborate while enabling change in our business and across the industry,” said Jeff Yurcisin, CEO of Grove Collaborative in a statement. “We have learned an incredible amount in these past four years and while we’re extremely proud of the progress we’ve made, collectively we — our partners, our suppliers and our broader industry — are not there yet. And despite being 18 months away, we know we won’t reach our goal of being 100% plastic free [by 2025]. We are just as committed to being a part of the solution to the plastic problem and are confident our new plastic goals will reignite the urgency for our industry to continue transforming with us.”

In addition to offering a wide range of products containing little to no single-use plastics, Grove Collaborative, in partnership with RePurpose Global, removes the same weight of ocean-bound plastic from nature for each ounce of plastic sold to customers on its website and via its brick-and-mortar retail partners. Since 2020, Grove has avoided 7.8 million pounds of plastic and recovered more than 16 million pounds.