Harps Food Stores Enables Real-Time Personalization at Checkout

Harps Food Stores is deploying real-time personalization at checkout.

Harps Food Stores is deploying a new integration between customer intelligence platform Birdzi and POS system ECRS to offer real-time personalization of shoppers’ digital coupons and loyalty rewards in stores.

Harps had previously worked with Birdzi to support its mobile rewards app, personalized ad flyers and digital coupons. Now, through Birdzi’s integration with ECRS’s POS software, shopper and basket information are immediately relayed from ECRS to Birdzi, allowing shoppers to easily redeem their personalized discounts and promotional offers at checkout. Customers now also are able to see their purchases and club balances reflected in their digital wallets in real time.

“The collaborative integration between Birdzi and ECRS allows Harps to provide our loyal shoppers with effortless access to immediate savings that matter to them,” said David Ganoung, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Harps Food Stores in a statement. “We strive to provide Harps customers with personalized and curated experiences.”