Rakuten Launches Paid Membership Program Focused on Designer Brands

This fall, online marketplace Rakuten will debut the platform’s first paid membership offering: Rakuten+. The program is structured to connect designer brands with Rakuten’s most highly engaged, loyal and active shoppers, who will earn at least 10% cash back on participating brands and retailers year-round. Rakuten did not provide any information on how much membership in the paid program would cost.

Rakuten+ aims to help designer brands leverage Rakuten’s ability to reach shoppers throughout their entire journey, by heightening the incentive to shop and bolstering the malleability of cash back to create long-term loyalty campaigns and attract first-time buyers, influence conversion rates and inspire repeat purchases.

“By partnering with Rakuten+, these brands can tap into a unique value proposition within an exclusive luxury bubble,” said Julie Van Ullen, Chief Revenue Officer of Rakuten Rewards in a statement. “Rakuten+ offers a dedicated platform, built only for designer brands to showcase their offerings, enabling them to maintain their elevated brand perception while capitalizing on Rakuten’s unique cash-back service to drive loyalty.”

Rakuten had offered members exclusive items for pre-sale at New York Fashion Week in February 2024.