Rite Aid Partners with Copia to Donate Surplus Food to California Nonprofits

Rite Aid is partnering with Copia to track food waste and donate it to California nonprofits.

Americans discard nearly 120 billion pounds of food every year — approximately 40% of the country’s food supply. Rite Aid is tackling this food waste issue head-on by partnering with Copia, a technology-enabled service that helps manage food surplus redistribution.

The pharmacy retailer will use Copia’s platform to track inventory, prove compliance and record impact. The platform will then match Rite Aid with California-area nonprofit organizations focused on combating food insecurity so that surplus food is donated where it’s most needed. This is Rite Aid’s latest move to support its broader corporate social responsibility program, which hinges on new partnerships and opportunities that facilitate waste reduction, fleet efficiency and energy demand.

“The health and wellness of others is at the center of everything we do, and Copia is empowering us to deliver on that promise in another deeply meaningful way,” said Joy Errico, SVP and Chief Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer for Rite Aid in a statement. “Together, we are poised to not only reduce waste but also support those who need it most, exemplifying the care and compassion that define our company’s values.” 

By choosing to donate its surplus food, Rite Aid is better managing its carbon footprint and overall impact on the planet, according to Kimberly Smith, CEO of Copia: “Rite Aid’s donations are supporting so many wonderful nonprofits in the communities where they operate. We’re happy to be the Donation Engine that allows national retailers like Rite Aid to scale their impact in a way that can be seen and felt on a local level.”