Walmart Debuts Immersive, Influencer-Led ‘Walmart Realm’ Experiences

Just a few weeks after making real-world products available for sale within Roblox, Walmart has debuted Walmart Realm. This immersive experience features three distinct shopping environments designed around social trends and influencers: the underwater world of So Jelly, vintage Americana at Y’allternative and chic beauty and fashion at Go Chromatic.

“It’s fantastical, it’s inspirational and simply put: it’s a lot of fun,” wrote William White, Chief Marketing Officer at Walmart in a LinkedIn post. “At Walmart, we’re embracing innovation with ecommerce experiences designed with the virtual world at the heart.”

Leveraging technology from Emperia, Walmart Realm is designed to gamify the shopping journey by transporting customers to imaginative virtual locations where they can interact with products and play nostalgic games online.

Walmart launched its Supercampus back-to-school adventure on Roblox in August 2023, and in September 2023 Walmart executives announced plans to “test a variety of experiences in virtual worlds that connect to commerce at stores and vice versa.”