WSS ‘Untethers’ Associates with New Mobile POS System

WSS is deploying a mobile POS solution from Aptos.

Athletic retailer WSS, which is owned by Foot Locker, will deploy the Aptos One mobile POS solution across its more than 100 U.S. stores. The retailer hopes to enhance the in-store experience and reduce hardware requirements as it actively expands its store footprint.

“Building authentic relationships with our customers is core to who we are at WSS,” said Sarah Derba, Senior Director for Information Technology at WSS in a statement. “With Aptos One POS, we see an opportunity for our associates to be ‘untethered’ from behind registers so they can interact freely with shoppers throughout the store. With the software on mobile devices, associates have at their fingertips all the information they need to serve customers optimally, including customer preferences and purchase history, real-time inventory information, access to promotional offers and much more.”

WSS has leveraged Aptos software for more than a decade, including its merchandising, POS, CRM, OMS, sales auditing and analytics solutions.

“Tech stack agility is very important to us,” added Derba. “We must meet our customers’ needs today and react quickly as their needs change. The extensibility of the Aptos One platform gives us the flexibility to differentiate our brand and pursue new opportunities as they arise.”