B2B Content Marketing: 6 Proven Strategies For Wholesalers 

B2B Content Marketing: 6 Proven Strategies For Wholesalers 

B2B content marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach, engage, and convert wholesale customers. However, with the abundance of marketing strategies you can implement, it can be challenging to choose the best ways to get your message across. 

We’re here to help! In this guide, we’ve outlined effective B2B content marketing strategies you can incorporate to help you connect with your wholesale customers and build lasting partnerships.

So, let’s get started! 

B2B Content Marketing (What Is It And Why Is It Important?)

B2B content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable content to fellow businesses, with the aim of engaging them and converting them into loyal clients. Effective B2B content demonstrates your industry expertise and helps you build authority in your niche.

Why is B2B content marketing important? 

There are several reasons why B2B content marketing is important for your wholesale business, including the following: 

  • Helps you establish credibility: B2B clients are looking for industry partners they can trust and rely on. By providing them with relevant content that addresses their needs, you showcase your industry knowledge and expertise, which helps build trust.
  • Elevates your business’ visibility: Consistent distribution of high-quality content can also help amplify your brand’s online presence, allowing you to expand your reach. 
  • Generates quality leads: Quality content also acts as a magnet for potential clients. When you offer valuable insights and present your solutions, clients who are naturally interested in your products are more likely to find you. 
  • Allows you to nurture leads: Sales cycles can take longer in the B2B realm, as they entail bigger investments and complex decision-making processes. Tailoring content for each stage of your buyer journey allows you to nurture your leads over time. As a result, this makes them making them more likely to convert and become loyal customers. 

6 Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategies  

Now that we’ve reviewed the importance of incorporating B2B content marketing into your wholesale strategy, let’s dive into actual strategies you can use for your business. 

However, before we dive in, you may also want to check out our detailed guide about creating a B2B content strategy here. This will walk you through the steps of crafting your B2B content strategy, so you can narrow down your options and focus on what actions can drive the most value for your business. 

So, let’s get right into it! Remember, you can mix and match these strategies, depending on your current goals and the unique needs of your business. 

1. Share thought leadership content

Thought leadership content refers to the materials that showcase your industry expertise. They go beyond promoting your products and focus on providing valuable insights, analysis, and innovative ideas in your niche. By incorporating this into your marketing strategy, you position your brand as an industry authority. 

According to industry reports, 72% of B2B buyers are more likely to do business with companies that provide them with valuable content. Here are some examples of thought leadership content you can publish to provide value to your audience: 

Reports and whitepapers

Consider providing your B2B audience with comprehensive reports that dive into specific topics relevant to them and present solutions to their pain points. For example, if you are a wholesaler of electronic components, you can consider creating a report about the current trends or advancements in your niche. 

Guides and E-books

You can also empower and educate your B2B clients by sharing guides. You can cover topics relevant to your industry, or provide resources on how to navigate your e-commerce platform and the solutions you offer. Providing step-by-step instructions and tips empowers your client’s decision-making and fosters trust. 


B2B Content Marketing: Example of an infographic
Example of an infographic

Infographics are effective B2B content marketing materials because they grab the attention of your audience and provide a simple way to present complex data. They can also help expand your reach, as they are easily shareable on digital platforms. Consider creating infographics that highlight the advantages of your offerings, such as product features, benefits, or cost-effectiveness. 

Case Studies 

Case studies can help you showcase the positive impact of your solutions on your existing clients. For example, if you are a wholesaler of construction materials, you can present a case study on how you helped a B2B client complete their project within budget while ensuring high-quality standards. 

2. Nurture leads with email sequences 

Email sequences are a strategic series of content-rich emails that help move your prospects through the sales funnel. Well-crafted and implemented email sequences allow you to guide your prospects throughout their decision-making process. Consequently, this increases your chances of converting them into paying clients. 

Before anything else, It is important to make a positive first impression by establishing a seamless onboarding experience for your valued prospects. WooCommerce wholesalers can leverage plugins like Wholesale Lead Capture to achieve this. This powerful tool simplifies the wholesale registration process and allows you to automate emails to ensure your B2B clients feel valued and welcomed right from the start. 

Wholesale Lead Capture

Consider the following tips when crafting your email sequences:

  • Segment: As a thriving wholesale business, you cater to different types of clients, each at a different stage of their purchase journey. Therefore, it’s crucial to divide your customers into relevant segments. Consider segmenting based on demographics, purchase behavior, or commitment levels to tailor content to their needs.
  • Personalize: Address clients by their name, and use their past purchase history to craft content that aligns with their preferences. 
  • Provide value: Each email should offer something of value to your audience. For instance, if you’re sending emails to new customers, you can offer them access to special welcome discounts, or provide a detailed guide on how to navigate your platform. 
  • Be consistent: You can build trust and stay top of mind by building a consistent schedule for your emails. 
  • Add a clear call to action (CTA): To effectively guide B2B clients through the next step in the sales funnel, make sure to have a clear and compelling call to action. Some examples are: encouraging them to download a resource, make a purchase, or schedule a consultation. 

3. Craft SEO-optimized blog posts 

You can greatly improve the visibility of your virtual storefront by crafting SEO-optimized blog posts. This B2B content marketing strategy helps you rank higher on search engines. Thus, it can drive organic traffic to your website, expand your reach, and engage your audience. 

Begin by identifying the relevant keywords in your niche. You can leverage tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to find and monitor valuable keywords. Next, you’ll want to incorporate these keywords when crafting high-quality and informative blog posts. Focus on topics that will provide the most value for your audience.

Another crucial aspect of SEO optimization is your on-page SEO elements. For optimal results, make sure that your title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and other page elements incorporate your target keywords. You’ll also need to include relevant external and internal links to credible sources. 

Ensure a smooth website experience and purchase process  

As soon as B2B clients find your content, you’ll want to make sure you provide them with an optimal web browsing experience. Today’s customers seek a seamless purchase journey, with 85% of B2B clients considering experience as important as the products and services you offer. 

Wholesalers can leverage tools like Wholesale Suite to provide a tailored wholesale buying experience on your WooCommerce store. This all-in-one solution allows you to manage wholesale prices, create customized order forms, and implement wholesale registration on your online store. 

4. Leverage LinkedIn for B2B content marketing 

LinkedIn is considered the number one platform for B2B, with 97% of B2B marketers using it for B2B content marketing. According to industry insights, 82% of B2B marketers find the greatest success with LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms. 

Firstly, begin by crafting a compelling company page. This serves as your virtual storefront and provides an opportunity to communicate your business’s mission, values, and unique offerings. 

Next, you can position your business as an industry thought leader and engage wholesale clients by sharing valuable content. For example, you can update your page with relevant news, articles, and case studies.

Use visuals– engaging graphics and infographics can significantly enhance shareability and engagement. Other content types you can experiment with are polls, business updates, videos, and testimonials. 

5. Showcase customer testimonials and reviews

The testimonials of your satisfied customers are powerful social proof that can instill trust and confidence in your potential wholesale clients. According to an industry report, 71% of B2B buyers actively seek reviews during the consideration stage, and 92% are more likely to purchase a product if there are trustworthy reviews. 

B2B Content Marketing: Example of a testimonial page
Example of a testimonial page

To highlight customer testimonials, consider creating a dedicated section on your website and showcasing the best reviews on your homepage. Additionally, you can integrate testimonials into your marketing content, email campaigns, and product presentations.

You’ll also want to encourage your satisfied clients to provide positive feedback about their experience with your business. Consider offering special discounts to your most loyal clients to show your gratitude for their support. This can also encourage them to share their positive experiences with your brand.

6. Consider content repurposing

You can further maximize the impact of your B2B content marketing efforts by implementing content repurposing. This is the process of taking existing content and transforming it into different formats to cater to different audiences and channels. It also entails refreshing and republishing content to ensure its relevance and improve your brand’s visibility on search engines. 

Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • Turn blog posts into visual content: Consider condensing content-rich blog posts into easily digestible image formats that can be shared on social media. 
  • Repurpose comprehensive guides to email newsletters: This can help keep your customers engaged and build anticipation. 
  • Transform rich content into podcast episodes: You can also consider transforming blog posts or thought leadership content into engaging podcast episodes to cater to B2B audiences that prefer consuming audio content. 


Effective B2B content marketing can help your business reach new audiences, build credibility, and nurture existing client relationships. In this helpful guide, we’ve outlined six effective B2B content marketing strategies you can incorporate to resonate with your audience and grow your business today.

To summarize, let’s recap them below: 

  1. Share thought leadership content
  2. Nurture leads with email marketing
  3. Craft SEO-optimized blog posts
  4. Leverage LinkedIn content
  5. Showcase customer testimonials
  6. Implement content repurposing

Part of the customer journey is ensuring a seamless and frictionless experience the moment your wholesale customers find you. WooCommerce wholesalers can use tools like Wholesale Suite to provide a seamless B2B experience. This all-in-one solution allows you to manage wholesale prices, create wholesale order forms, and implement user-friendly wholesale registration on your WooCommerce store. 

Do you have any questions about how to effectively reach your wholesale customers using B2B content marketing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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