How To Optimize Your WooCommerce Registration Page To Drive B2B Conversions

How To Optimize Your WooCommerce Registration Page To Drive B2B Conversions

The behavior of the modern B2B buyer has shifted in the digital age. According to an industry report, nearly 90% of B2B buyers consider online channels as their primary method to identify new suppliers. As an online wholesaler, your WooCommerce registration page plays a crucial role in engaging and converting potential customers. It’s the first step to securing valuable partnerships with B2B clients, and you’ll want to give them the best experience connecting with you. 

We’re here to help you do just that. In this article, we reveal actionable tips to optimize your WooCommerce registration page. These simple steps will help you streamline the sign-up process and improve your conversion rates. Without further ado, let’s get right into it! 

6 Key Tips To Optimize Your B2B WooCommerce Registration Page

Having a dedicated WooCommerce registration page for wholesale customers is a must, especially if you serve both wholesale and retail clients. Your registration page can help communicate the benefits and privileges of becoming a wholesale customer, thus encouraging potential B2B clients to sign up. Here’s how you can optimize your registration page in six easy steps: 

1. Place your registration page strategically on your website 

First things first–potential B2B clients won’t get be able to sign up as customers if they can’t find where to register! To avoid this common pitfall, make sure you place your WooCommerce registration page strategically (and prominently) on your website. 

For example, you can consider integrating it within your website’s header, footer, or sidebar. This placement ensures visitors can easily find it as soon as they land on your website. 

If attracting wholesale customers is part of your main goals, take advantage of your homepage. Feature a prominent button on your registration page right within your homepage. This will give immediate visibility and encourage potential B2B customers to take action. Take a look at how Asana implements this strategy on their official website:

WooCommerce registration page
Example of a sign-up page seamlessly integrated into the homepage. Image Source: Asana

2. Opt for a customizable registration form

The typical WooCommerce registration form features only two fields: email address and password. 

WooCommerce registration page
WooCommerce’s default registration form (click to zoom)

However, when catering to wholesale customers, you’ll typically want to request more information from potential clients. For example, you may need to collect company names, industry details, communication preferences, and more. 

Gathering this information early on enables you to understand your customer’s preferences and requirements. Thus, you’re better able to tailor your product offerings and marketing efforts to their needs. It’s also important in helping you assess wholesale customer applications, ensuring you give wholesale perks and access only to eligible clients

WooCommerce wholesalers can leverage plugins like Wholesale Lead Capture to create customizable registration forms for B2B clients. With this powerful plugin, you have full control over the form fields you want to include in your B2B registration. What’s more, it allows you to automate approval processes, welcome emails, and assign a wholesale customer role to B2B leads. 

Sample wholesale registration page
Example of a wholesale registration page made using Wholesale Lead Capture (click to zoom)

3. Display social proof on your registration page 

Adding social proof to your WooCommerce registration page is an effective way to build trust and credibility right from the outset. Here are some suggestions on how you can leverage this tip: 

  • Include testimonials: Consider highlighting testimonials and positive feedback from existing wholesale customers on your homepage and registration page. 
  • Showcase awards: In addition to testimonials, consider adding any awards or accolades your business has received. This positions your brand as a reputable partner in the industry, fostering trust in potential clients. 
  • Highlight trust badges: If applicable to your industry, you can also include trust badges, security seals, and certifications to showcase your compliance with industry standards. 
Registration page with social proof
Example of a registration page with social proof (click to zoom)

4. Communicate the benefits of registering as a wholesale customer 

One effective way to encourage more B2B sign-ups is by communicating the value of registering as a wholesale customer in your store. There are several ways you can go about this–the key is providing a brief yet compelling overview of what they can expect. 

Consider including a section on your WooCommerce registration page that highlights cost savings, bulk pricing offers, or special pricing tiers available for B2B customers. Likewise, you can mention any limited-time deals or promotions you are running for B2B clients to encourage them to sign up. You can go a step further by tailoring discounts for new customers to drive more conversions. 

One smart strategy is incorporating a link to the sign-up page within your product offerings. Using Wholesale Suite, you can strategically showcase wholesale prices to non-wholesale clients and encourage them to sign up as a wholesale customer to avail discounts. By seamlessly integrating a sign-up link with product browsing, you can capture the interest of potential customers effectively. 

Enticing B2B customers to sign up within
With Wholesale Suite, you can strategically link your product listing to your wholesale registration page to encourage B2B customers to sign up (click to zoom)

It’s also important to use persuasive calls to action throughout your registration page. For instance, you can include wordings like “Unlock Exclusive Discounts” to encourage clients to complete the registration process. 

5. Leverage exit intent pop-ups to capture the user’s attention

Exit intent pop-ups appear on an end user’s screen when they are about to leave your website before completing a desired action, such as registering as a wholesale customer. These tools are used to draw users back to your site and are a powerful way to increase conversions. 

You can entice potential B2B customers to complete the registration process by strategically deploying exit intent pop-ups on your WooCommerce registration page. These pop-ups should give them a compelling reason to stay and take action. For example, you can offer a special discount on their first wholesale order or provide access to free resources. 

Example of an exit intent pop up
Example of an exit intent pop-up (click to zoom)

To enhance the effectiveness of your exit intent pop-ups, incorporate elements of urgency, such as countdown timers, or time-sensitive words. Plugins like OptinMonster allow you to easily deploy exit intent pop-ups across your website. With OptinMonster, you can access a wide range of customizable templates, targeting settings, and display rules to ensure the effectiveness of your exit-intent pop-ups. 

6. Provide FAQs or a dedicated help section

Make things easier for your B2B customers by providing them with access to frequently asked questions and other relevant information. To avoid cluttering your registration page, you can opt to include a button to direct users to a dedicated FAQ page. This empowers potential wholesale customers to find answers to their questions without leaving the registration page. 

Consider leveraging technologies such as chatbots or live chat plugins to provide real-time answers as potential clients navigate through the registration. By proactively answering common queries, you can foster trust and streamline the registration process. 

You can also add a dedicated field on your registration forms for queries or questions. Plugins like Wholesale Lead Capture allow you to add custom fields to your registration form, enabling you to tailor the onboarding process for wholesale clients. 


Optimizing your WooCommerce registration page is a must if you want to capture the attention of B2B buyers. This is a critical touchpoint in the B2B customer journey, and you’ll want to leave a lasting positive impression on your wholesale customers. In this article, we’ve reviewed simple yet effective ways to make this endeavor possible. 

To recap, let’s list them down below: 

  1. Place your registration page strategically
  2. Opt for a customizable form
  3. Display social proof
  4. Communicate the benefits
  5. Leverage exit intent pop ups
  6. Provide a FAQs section

You can leverage plugins like Wholesale Lead Capture to improve the wholesale onboarding experience. This powerful plugin allows you to customize your B2B registration form, automate approval processes, and send out emails to engage B2B leads and convert them to lifelong customers.

We hope this article helped you out! If you have more questions about optimizing your WooCommerce registration page, let us know in the comments section below. 

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