How To Increase B2B Sales: 6 Proven Strategies For Wholesalers 

How To Increase B2B Sales: 6 Proven Strategies For Wholesalers 

Buyer preferences and behavior have shifted over the years. Today, B2B clients have more choices than ever before. As a wholesaler in this modern era, you’re constantly on the lookout for strategies on how to increase B2B sales, keep your customers engaged, and set yourself apart from the competition. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated six key strategies to help you increase your B2B sales. We’ll explore tools and best practices you can implement today to level up your business, ensuring you thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

How To Increase B2B Sales: 6 Strategies That Work

Here’s the good news: today’s modern business landscape provides you with a huge range of tools, resources, and opportunities to boost your performance and capture leads more effectively. We’ll walk you through some of the most effective strategies to consider: 

1. Create your ideal B2B buyer persona 

Let’s face it: you can’t increase (or make) sales if you don’t have an in-depth understanding of your target customers. You’ll have to tweak your sales and marketing strategies to align with their needs and pain points to gain their attention. Therefore, it’s critical to determine your ideal customer persona right from the get-go. 

A B2B customer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal target customers. It defines the traits, preferences, and pain points of the businesses you target and serve with your solutions. 

Here are some actionable tips to help you create an effective B2B customer persona. 

  • Begin with the basics: Outline the essential demographics of your target clients, including their industry, company size, age, and location. 
  • Understand their goals and challenges: What are the challenges your customers face, and how can you position your products and services as solutions to these problems?
  • Leverage your existing client base: Also consider reaching out to your existing clients and conducting interviews and surveys to uncover their goals, challenges, and preferences. 
  • Take advantage of data: Take a good look at your sales data to identify patterns and valuable insights. For example, from which industries are your most common clients? What products are most popular? 
  • Engage your sales team: If you have a dedicated team for sales, gather key insights about their interactions with your prospects. What goals and challenges do key customers express during their prospecting and sales sessions? 

Learning how to increase B2B sales starts with knowing the customers you serve and tailoring your solutions to meet their needs. 

2. Prioritize lead qualification

When researching how to increase B2B sales, you’ll quickly realize that no two leads are equal. Not all leads are good prospects, so it’s critical to have a strategic lead qualification system in place. This allows you to devote crucial time and resources to good-quality leads, which then increases your chances of making a sale. 

Begin by establishing clear qualification criteria based on the aspects that matter most to your business. For example, consider factors such as the industry of the prospective client, their company size, preferred budget, and alignment with your product or service offerings.

Then, upon establishing lead qualification criteria, create a lead scoring system. This system assigns values based on the essential factors you’ve determined. This will help you identify leads that are most likely to convert, showing where to dedicate your time and efforts. 

B2B lead scoring
Example of a B2B lead scoring criteria (click to zoom)

Another crucial aspect of implementing this strategy is establishing a robust onboarding process. Upon registration, you’ll want to gather essential data that can help you assess the quality of leads you receive. WooCommerce wholesalers can leverage tools like Wholesale Lead Capture to create simple and fully customizable B2B registration forms, allowing you to collect customer data most valuable to you. 

For instance, you might include fields that inquire about the prospective client’s industry, anticipated order volume, or specific product interests. As a result, you not only streamline the registration process but also gather crucial data for effective lead qualification.

3. Speed up your B2B sales processes

Another crucial aspect of how to increase B2B sales is implementing automation and speeding up your sales processes. Automating tasks like following up on interested clients or posting marketing content can reduce manual work, giving you more time to do high-impact tasks to close more deals. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Implement technologies to speed up the ordering process: Your B2B clients value time and efficiency, and they want to place their bulk orders smoothly and without delays.  Therefore, consider implementing tools like Wholesale Order Form on your website. Tailored for WooCommerce wholesalers, this handy plugin enables you to create one-paged ordering forms to speed up the buying process for your valued B2B clients. 
  • Automate lead nurturing: Also consider investing in marketing tools that automate sending emails based on customer behavior and engagement. For example, tools like Drip, MailChimp, and MailerLite allow you to create and automate lead nurturing campaigns, making execution easier and seamless for you. 
  • Utilize chatbots for support: Lastly, explore Implementing AI-powered chatbots that provide prospects with quick answers to common queries and guide them through the ordering process. 

4. Provide tailored solutions

To master how to increase B2B sales, you’ll also want to provide your customers with tailored solutions. This entails making use of the data you have gathered about your customers so far. Conduct market research and client interviews to pinpoint their pain points and address them. 

One of the most effective ways to tailor your solutions is by implementing flexible pricing structures for your wholesale clients. For example, you can consider offering volume-based discounts, minimum order quantities, and special promotions that bring additional value to your wholesale transactions. 

How to increase B2B sales: Offer wholesale prices
Example of an order form with exclusive wholesale pricing (click to zoom)

Leveraging tools like Wholesale Prices Premium allows you to incorporate this strategy seamlessly into your e-commerce store. This powerful plugin allows you to set wholesale prices and implement tiered discounts for different wholesale customer roles, giving you the flexibility to tailor pricing based on order quantities and commitment levels. 

You can also consider tailoring product recommendations based on your customers’ purchase data. This data-driven approach allows you to provide relevant product recommendations that align with your customers’ industry, preferences, and buying behavior. 

5. Offer flexible payment terms

Another important tip on how to increase B2B sales is to offer convenience and flexibility in your payment terms. Your wholesale customers buy in bulk, which often requires them to shell out a large sum of money in a single transaction. Crafting payment plans that cater to diverse budgets and financial cycles will empower your customers and set your business apart. 

For example, you can consider offering the following range of payment options: 

  • Net Payment Terms: Allowing clients a specific period to settle invoices after receiving goods.
  • Installment Plans: Breaking down large transactions into manageable, scheduled payments.
  • Custom Split Payments: Tailoring payment structures to individual client requirements.

To further encourage your customers, you can introduce incentives such as discounts or exclusive offers to clients who pay early. These strategies will help improve your cash flow while also providing more value to your B2B clients. 

6. Educate and build thought leadership 

Positioning your wholesale business as a thought leader in your industry can help build trust and credibility with your clients. However, you might wonder: why does it matter when learning how to increase B2B sales? The rationale is simple: informed buyers are confident buyers.

By providing content tailored to your target audience, you empower them with the knowledge to make informed purchase decisions. In fact, according to industry research, 52% of B2B buyers say that they are more inclined to buy from a business after reading its content. 

Another industry research suggests that B2B buyers value different types of content depending on which phase they are in their buying journey. Check out the summary below:

Preferred content of B2B buyers (click to zoom)

Incorporating these insights can help align your content with the preferences of your potential clients and position your brand as an industry authority. As a result, you foster trust and encourage your B2B customers to choose your business. 


Today’s B2B buyers have a wealth of options at their fingertips and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, you can leverage different strategies to make your mark in the modern business landscape. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve delved into six key tactics on how to increase B2B sales and set yourself apart from the competition. 

To summarize, let’s dive into these strategies: 

  1. Create your B2B buyer persona
  2. Qualify leads strategically
  3. Streamline your sales processes
  4. Provide tailored solutions
  5. Offer flexible payment terms
  6. Educate and build thought leadership 

In your quest to improve your wholesale operations and increase sales, you can take advantage of powerful tools like Wholesale Suite. Tailor-made for WooCommerce wholesalers, this trio of powerful plugins allows you to manage wholesale pricing, streamline bulk ordering, and capture B2B leads effortlessly. 

Do you have questions or insights to share? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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