Instacart and Roku Partner to Provide Data Showing Impact of Ad Spend

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Streaming service Roku has partnered with Instacart to bring together viewership data and purchasing insights, allowing marketers to measure whether “streamers” are buying products on Instacart after seeing ads on the Roku platform. By matching this information with Roku’s first-party data, marketers can better quantify the impact of TV streaming advertising on product sales while keeping customer data from both parties secure.

In a 2022 pilot with a personal care brand, 60% of those who purchased the brand on Instacart after seeing its campaign on Roku were new to the brand. Additionally, those exposed to a beverage brand’s Roku campaign who were new purchasers of the brand had a 70% higher repeat purchase rate than the average new-to-the-brand buyer on Instacart.

This new capability, Instacart’s first TV streaming measurement partnership, will offer advertisers consumer purchase insights from its marketplace, which includes more than 1,100 retail banners and over 80,000 stores in North America. Instacart Ads allow CPG brands to connect directly with consumers online at the point of purchase.

“With Instacart Ads, we’re committed to providing CPG brands with the ad products, automation, insights and measurement they need to help them meet their objectives and prove the impact of their investment,” said Ali Miller, VP of Ads Product at Instacart in a statement. “As we look ahead, we’ll continue investing in integrations and insights across every touch point of the consumer journey to help CPGs drive and measure results.”

The agreement reflects two converging consumer trends: more people getting their entertainment via streaming services and consumers’ embrace of grocery delivery. Instacart is now available to more than 95% of households in the U.S. and Canada, and Nielsen reported that in July 2022, hours spent streaming TV were larger than broadcast or cable for the first time.

“Our goal is to help marketers get more of what they love in TV,” said Alison Levin, VP of Ad Revenue and Marketing Solutions at Roku in a statement. “Our partnership with Instacart makes it easier to measure actual return on advertising spend in ecommerce and meet consumers where they are — streaming TV.”