Untuckit is Setting Sights on Expansion and Internal Visibility is Helping it Get There

Untuckit has been on a multifaceted growth path in 2024. The apparel retailer is expanding its brick-and-mortar footprint with plans to open at least 14 new stores in 2024, bringing its store count to nearly 100. Additionally, Untuckit has officially entered the wholesale market following a pilot program with Macy’s that began in November 2023.

“We started Untuckit online in 2011, but retail has really been the backbone of our company since 2015,” said Chris Riccobono, Founder and Executive Chairman of Untuckit in a statement. “It’s a strategy we strongly believe in because customers love experiencing our products in person. We’re committed to bringing the Untuckit experience to everyone in America.”

Technology has been critical to fueling and managing this growth, particularly solutions from Oracle NetSuite. “As Untuckit rapidly grew, disconnected data systems and siloed workflows were creating inefficiencies and were not sustainable,” said Riccobono. “With NetSuite, we have been able to improve productivity and create a centralized view of our finances, inventory and operations across both our ecommerce and retail channels.”

The NetSuite solutions have allowed Untuckit to integrate and automate its workflows, helping the retailer save time, reduce errors and improve visibility across its operations. The technologies provide a single view of financials, inventory, orders and merchandise, helping Untuckit create customized reports and insights needed to improve decision-making and support the introduction of new services across channels.

For example, NetSuite Advanced Inventory helped Untuckit optimize its buy online, ship from store system. Additionally, NetSuite OneWorld has helped Untuckit manage its operations and ensure consistency across its subsidiaries, including Untuckit LLC, Untuckit Canada and Untuckit UK.

A Long-Time Growth Partner

Untuckit has been using NetSuite solutions for several years, and its capabilities played a central role in the company’s earlier periods of expansion. “In 2018 and 2019, we had a period of strong growth — we went from about 25 to 75 stores,” said Edyta Krynska, VP of Operations at Untuckit, who spoke during a NetSuite event in New York City last month. Krynska noted that one of the critical benefits of the NetSuite solutions is their centralized database, which provided insight into not only how much inventory the company held but in which specific locations.

“Prior to [adopting] NetSuite, Untuckit didn’t really have [centralized] systems,” said Krynska. “Our production operated off of spreadsheets, and orders came in via Shopify. We needed a system of truth to bring everything together. We had to gather data from multiple [internal] departments about things like color and fit, and combine everything to ensure NetSuite would be ready” to operate effectively.

Preparing for Wholesale Growth

Krynska values the technology’s flexibility even more now that Untuckit is moving further into wholesale. “In terms of getting the wholesale functionalities up and running, it’s nice to work with a system like NetSuite,” said Krynska. “It’s so customizable that I don’t need IT” to make many needed changes.

For example, wholesale operations use a different system for processing orders than DTC or Untuckit-branded retail stores, but “I could easily build reporting that shows me [wholesale] orders,” said Krynska.

Moving into wholesale also involves the risk of changing the Untuckit customer’s shopper journey. At Untuckit’s own stores, which typically don’t carry a lot of inventory, a rack of “try-on” shirts allows shoppers to determine their best fit with help from a store associate. Customers can then order the colors and quantities they want, which are then shipped to them from the store. The brand relies on the confidence shoppers have in its fit and consistency, which is one reason Untuckit is focusing its initial wholesale growth on boutiques and independent retailers, according to Krynska.

The brand’s pilot program with Macy’s last fall helped Untuckit determine market appetite and how its products perform in a U.S. retail setting. Beta testing included 49 different SKUs of men’s shirting on Macys.com. The positive response led in part to Untuckit’s consideration of a broader wholesale strategy.

NetSuite’s ability to take data from multiple sources also helps Untuckit keep track of costs, both on an individual order basis and in aggregate. “We’ll receive the shipping cost from our third-party logistics company and that information is stored in NetSuite, which takes the shipping cost for each box and consolidates it,” said Krynska. “We want to make sure that all costing remains up to date in NetSuite to be ready for wholesale operations.”

Untuckit publicized its move into wholesale with its debut appearance at a U.S. trade show, PROJECT Las Vegas, in February. The brand showcased its fall 2024 and core collections, including button-downs, polos, sweaters, jackets, Henleys, pants and more.