Amazon Expands Telehealth Access Services Nationwide

Amazon Clinic page

Continuing to expand its healthcare footprint, Amazon has made its Amazon Clinic telehealth offering available across the U.S. The service, which debuted in November 2022, now provides message-based consultations in 34 states and video visits nationwide.

To get treatment, consumers can visit the Amazon Clinic web page or access it on the Amazon mobile app; compare response times and prices from multiple telehealth provider groups; complete an intake form; and connect with their chosen provider. Depending on the state where they’re located, customers can connect via messaging or video call without requiring an appointment or insurance coverage.

Through Amazon Clinic’s secure message portal or video call, the clinician can provide a recommended treatment plan, which may include a prescription. Customers can use Amazon Pharmacy and get their prescription with free shipping or choose another pharmacy.

“As a doctor, I’ve seen firsthand that patients want to be healthy but lack the time, tools or resources to effectively manage their care,” wrote Dr. Nworah Ayogu, Chief Medical Officer and General Manager at Amazon Clinic in a blog post. “Amazon provides multiple health services to provide the choice, convenience and continuity of care customers need when it comes to their health.

“Amazon Clinic removes barriers by helping customers treat their everyday health concerns wherever they are, at any time of day,” Dr. Ayogu added. “And, they can see the cost before they start the visit.”

Amazon expanded its reach into healthcare with the July 2022 acquisition of One Medical, and debuted RxPass, a subscription-based service offering generic medications to Prime members, in January 2023.