Arity PMP Helps Customize Ads Based on Consumer Driving Behaviors

As privacy regulations ramp up, brands and retailers are looking for ways to personalize marketing efforts without relying on cookies — and brick-and-mortar retailers are always looking for effective ways to entice people to visit their stores. To help solve both challenges, the Arity Private Marketplace (PMP) enables marketers to leverage driving behavior data to understand where and when consumers are driving and to reach them with relevant messaging before they even get behind the wheel.

Arity’s Private Marketplace Marketing Solutions can help retailers, convenience and fuel merchants and QSRs solve the challenge of personalization, helping marketers reach their best customers with the right messaging based on how, when and where they drive. Additionally, retailers can deliver more targeted ad placements through driving behavior data. Because the Arity PMP is an exclusive network of ad inventory, it gives marketers greater transparency and control over where their ads will appear.

As advertisers plan and implement their campaigns, they can access robust data through the solution so they can implement more accurate targeting. By layering behaviors, such as driving risk, mileage, commuting habits and points of interest frequently driven past, on top of existing audience targeting tactics, marketers can better understand how customers move through the world and deliver customized ads that drive ROI.