Carvana Debuts Same-Day Vehicle Delivery

Carvana launches same-day delivery beginning in Arizona.

Online automotive retailer Carvana is launching same-day delivery for car orders. The service is launching first in Arizona, with the company planning to expand to other markets across the U.S. in the coming months.

The same-day delivery offering is enabled by Carvana’s nationwide network of inspection and reconditioning centers as well as its “robust” logistics fleet. Last year, Carvana acquired ADESA, the second-largest car auction house in America, which expanded the company’s reconditioning infrastructure to be within 200 miles of 94% of the U.S. population.

Supported by the company’s integrated auto retail experience — which facilitates financing, insurance, warranty and service as well as the ability to sell or trade in a vehicle, all online — customers can now get pre-qualified and approved in as little as two to three minutes and have their new car in a matter of hours. Carvana will also pick up older vehicles if the customer is selling or trading in. 

“Carvana’s new same-day vehicle delivery option is just one example of how we’re constantly evolving to deliver an even better auto retail experience,” said Matt Dundas, Senior Director of Finance at Carvana in a statement. “Customers have already come to expect the ease, transparency and convenience of online ordering and financing from Carvana. Now, many can also expect same-day delivery speed on thousands of vehicles in their area. It’s now possible to have a vehicle in your driveway before your Amazon order arrives.”