Coachtopia Pop-Up Opens in SoHo NYC

The new Coachtopia pop-up in NYC's SoHo will tout a calendar of programming designed to bring the brand's core principles to life.

Coach has unveiled a new Coachtopia store experience in New York City’s SoHo. The pop-up, which is inspired by the circular-focused sub-brand that launched earlier this year, is designed to bring the “imaginative and playful spirit” of today’s consumer into a unique space that also represents the Coachtopia brand.  

Located on the bottom floor of the Coach SoHo store, the Coachtopia pop-up features architectural elements that aim to highlight the brand’s circular design philosophy. For example, fixtures and custom patchwork seating were created from “Upcrushed Leather” made from Coach leather scraps. Signage also was fabricated with upcycled materials.

The pop-up will be open through Aug. 20, 2023, and will host a series of experiences inspired by Coachtopia’s “Made Circular” principles. Weekly programming will start on Aug. 4, 2023, with each week’s event tying to a designated theme:  

  • Aug. 4 and 5: Waste Jam, which will tie back to the principle of “made from waste”;   
  • Aug. 12 and 13: Upcycling Lab, which will focus on designing products for multiple lives; and  
  • Aug. 19 and 20: Loop Fest, which will feature programming focused on circular pathways.  

The Coachtopia sub-brand is focused on encouraging the rapid prototyping of new products, processes and ideas. Harnessing more than 80 years of Coach leather expertise and the insights of a beta community consisting of Gen Z climate activists and creatives, Coachtopia adds to other programs previously developed by the brand, including its Coach (Re)Loved program.