Ebay Debuts AI-Powered Fashion Curation Tool

Ebay's new Shop the Look tool uses AI to help shoppers find new fashion.

Ebay has launched Shop the Look, a new AI-powered curation tool for fashion shoppers. U.S. and UK shoppers using iOS devices who have viewed at least 10 fashion items in the past 180 days will now find the feature both on the Ebay homepage and the fashion landing page. A version for Android will arrive later this year, and the company also said it is exploring expanding the tool to other categories beyond fashion.

Screenshot of Ebay Shop the Look tool.
Image courtesy Ebay

Shop the Look uses generative AI to evolve with customers’ tastes, taking cues from their past shopping behavior to create a personalized fashion experience. The result is a carousel of fashion looks with interactive hotspots that, when clicked, reveal similar items for sale on Ebay and additional outfit inspirations.

Drawing from Ebay’s decades of data and customer insights, along with the billions of images on the platform, the Shop the Look feature was developed in collaboration with Ebay’s Responsible AI team and with adherence to its RAI (responsible AI) principles.

“Shop the Look is one of the many ways we are improving the user experience for enthusiasts,” said Raul Romero, a product manager at Ebay in a blog post. “It allows users to visualize how potential additions will complement their current wardrobe. Similar to other fashion offerings, including Authenticity Guarantee, Certified by Brand and Ebay consignment, Shop the Look is designed to foster a circular fashion economy, reducing barriers and empowering users to buy and sell the things they love.”