Gepard Aims to Help Retailers Manage Product Data

The Gepard PIM & Syndication platform aims to act as a single source of truth to collect, manage, enrich and distribute users’ product data in the required format to a variety of sales channels. The platform seeks to enable brands to freely exchange product marketing content and help retailers to onboard and adapt their content in an effective and automated way.

Gepard also has launched a feature called Digital Shelf Analytics, a solution that aims to help brands and retailers track content coverage by supervising content providers, monitoring their enriched product listings on retailers’ websites and fully controlling content completeness and accuracy.

The software was designed to help manage content across syndication channels and marketplaces, different product data requirements and variations in local markets in order to ensure the information is accurate and up to date. Additionally, Digital Shelf Analytics helps ensure that all product information is optimized automatically to meet the requirements of retail platforms.

Specific goals of the platform include:

  • Eliminating the tedious manual job of checking content completeness across retailers;
  • Getting a graphic presentation of how product content is represented globally, by country;
  • Seeing shortcomings in the availability of product content in different languages; and
  • Getting a general understanding of your brand’s portfolio product content accuracy.