GNC Targeting Unlikely Segment with its Newest Product Offering — Gamers

GNC's newest product offering is targeting gamers.

Long a go-to for fitness and nutrition nuts, GNC is going after a new segment of consumers — gamers — as part of its ongoing mission to help “every competitor fuel their skills and achieve their goals.”

GNC will now carry CTRL’s line of food supplement products aimed at helping gamers — not typically known to be the most physically active cohort — embrace healthier dietary habits. The line includes supplement shakes and protein cookies in flavors that would appeal to even the most wellness-resistant consumer, including Cinnamon Toast, Fruity Flakes and Chocolate Chunk. 

“Owned and operated by gamers and content creators, CTRL understands the gaming community’s wellness needs like no one else, so expanding GNC’s gaming assortment with these exclusive CTRL meal replacement and functional food products was a no brainer,” said Kevin Maloberti, VP of Merchandising at GNC in a statement. “Beyond gaming, we see even more opportunity for this brand to succeed at GNC. CTRL’s supplements were created to help all busy consumers increase protein intake to fuel longer focused hours on the job, in a session or at the gym.”

CTRL products are now available at GNC stores nationwide and online.

“Partnering with GNC to bring CTRL to brick-and-mortar retail is an exciting next step for us in our mission to bring healthier options to our community and to expand awareness and accessibility of our products and content to an even broader audience,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, Co-founder of CTRL in a statement.