GoBolt Helps Retailers Optimize Last Mile and Inventory

GoBolt’s Merchant Portal is a web-based app with a suite of features designed to enable retailers to manage their orders, inventory and shipments more effectively so they can stay on top of their fulfillment and delivery operations and make better informed decisions.

The solution aims to give retailers the ability to monitor orders in real time across all stages of the fulfillment process, with the goal of making it easy for customer support teams to answer shopper questions about shipment progress and the status of their returns. Additionally, GoBolt’s real-time inventory management offering can lower the chances that retailers will run out of stock, since the portal enables them to monitor current stock levels and the status of inbound shipments.

Merchant Portal also is designed to help retailers leverage a range of shipping options offered by GoBolt’s network of third-party carriers, including small parcel and freight. The Order Orchestration feature provides the ability to utilize all GoBolt warehouses across North America to optimize and streamline fulfillment and shipping.