Ikea Plans $2.2 Billion Investment to Advance Omnichannel Presence

Ikea will invest more than $2.2 billion in its U.S. omnichannel growth strategy over the next three years — the largest investment the retailer has made in nearly four decades of operating in the country. Plans include opening new stores, strengthening its fulfillment network and enhancing its regional product offerings to better reflect the needs of customers in different parts of the country.

Ikea is seeking to get closer to its shoppers, both physically and digitally. The company will achieve this by opening 900 new pickup locations where customers can collect purchases; eight new stores; and nine Plan & Order points, where shoppers can schedule free appointments to discuss their interior design needs with Ikea’s experts. The new facilities and services are expected to create more than 2,000 jobs.

“The U.S. is one of our most important markets, and we see endless opportunities to grow there and get closer to the many Americans with affordable products and services,” said Tolga Öncü, Head of Ikea Retail, Ingka Group in a statement. “More than ever before, we want to increase the density of our presence in the U.S., ramp up our fulfillment capacities and make our offer even more relevant to local customers’ needs and dreams.”

The new facilities build on the other U.S. investments Ikea has been making, including:

  • Interior Design Service, which offers consumers and businesses alike the chance to connect virtually with an interior design expert to help develop any space;
  • Expanded As-is resale and Buy Back & Resell options that offer shoppers a deal on gently used or damaged furniture;
  • Updatables, a furniture concept that combines AR, AI and machine learning technologies to have furniture pieces themselves “suggest” updates and improvements through additions of other Ikea items; and
  • Home Solar with IKEA, a partnership with SunPower Corp. that enables IKEA Family loyalty program members to purchase home solar solutions that can generate and store their own renewable energy.

“We know U.S. customers have a strong desire for more ways to shop and experience Ikea, and this growth plan will allow us to meet that need,” said Javier Quiñones, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, Ikea U.S. in a statement. “We are committed to continuing to grow in this market with our thousands of co-workers and millions of customers who look to Ikea for home furnishing inspiration and solutions at an affordable price. Our priority is to become more accessible while staying as affordable as possible for the many people, which is especially important given the increasing costs of living.”