Innovation Labs Showcase Tech That’s Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges

RICE 2022 expo floor

By necessity, retailers are most concerned with the present day: they have to make sales and engage customers in the moment, no matter what channel they’re operating in. But retail executives also need to prepare for the future (no mean feat in an era of rapid and unexpected change).

The 22 participants in the 2023 Innovation Labs at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo in Chicago will provide attendees with that crucial forward-looking view. Located in the center line of the expo hall, between aisles 1100 and 1200, the solution providers and agencies include companies working at the cutting edge of connected commerce, with a strong concentration in the industry’s hottest technology: AI. There’s the AI-powered Customer Data Platform provider Pairzon, AI imaging provider; and AI-powered inventory optimization from syrup.

Another channel gaining traction is live shoppable video, represented by eStreamly. For the latest in how 3D imagery is changing store research, attendees can visit InContext. For help managing pricing, a perennial retail concern, there’s QL2 Software.

Additionally, several Innovation Labs participants can help attendees in the fast-growing marketplaces arena, including Nifty Bridge, SellerChamp and aheadworks.

Get more insight into what the future holds by visiting all the Innovation Labs participants, including: