J.Jill’s New Brand, Merchandising Strategy Promotes ‘Fabric-First’ Wardrobe Versatility

New J.Jill campaign and strategy - One Wardrobe. No Limits.

Women’s apparel brand J.Jill has introduced a revamped shopping experience both online and in stores as part of its new One Wardrobe. No Limits. campaign.

Aimed at “honoring the totality of women” by providing a fabric-first approach and products that emphasize quality and versatility, the new product and merchandising strategy is part of a three-year brand transformation based on consumer research and outreach.

A survey of 1,000 women ages 40-65, conducted by Wakefield Research in partnership with J. Jill, revealed that, on average, 36% of the clothing currently in women’s closets has been sitting there unworn for at least the past two years. Yet more than two in five (42%) of those surveyed said they find themselves feeling frustrated when they open their closet to choose something to wear. J.Jill’s One Wardrobe. No Limits. campaign aims to supports a wardrobe “that transcends limitations, with every piece designed to optimally blend versatility, style and comfort.”

This idea is being translated into the J.Jill experience through a variety of touch points, including new in-store features designed to inspire and engage customers — such as imagery that reflects the totality of women’s lives and demonstrates the versatility of key products. Select stores also will feature a dedicated One Wardrobe. No Limits. styling feature that showcases versatile pieces and encourages customers to leverage store associates for personal styling advice.

QR codes and “Ways to Wear” pages also are being integrated into J.Jill’s catalogs and website to help customers explore how items can complement a range of outfits. Finally, the brand will host a series of nationwide activations to encourage customers to discover pieces that complement their lives and showcase their own “totality.”

“In our ongoing dialogue with customers, we’ve recognized the need for a wardrobe that reflects and supports the totality of a woman’s life,” said Claire Spofford, CEO and President of J.Jill in a statement. “We aim to outfit her for all she is and wants to do, and believe that a well-curated wardrobe of versatile, fabric-first and high-quality clothing is integral to that pursuit. Our vision is a wardrobe that completely supports and reflects our customer’s multifaceted lifestyle rather than simply clearing out and discarding what no longer seems relevant. We see vast potential in leveraging our unique market position and are committed to our customer in all her endeavors.”