Kroger to Upgrade In-Store Networking and Centralize Cloud Management

Kroger signage

Kroger will improve networking support for in-store experiences, benefiting both shoppers and associates, by deploying the ExtremeCloud IQ cloud management and WiFi 6E access points across its brick-and-mortar fleet.

In addition to supporting services such as scan-as-you-go, inventory location and temperature sensing applications, the solution from Extreme Networks will provide Kroger with a single view of its entire network, making it easier to manage, automate and understand ongoing performance and operations. The WiFi 6E solutions are designed to help retailers increase the reliability of critical software applications and the performance of IoT devices by boosting network capacity and infrastructure.

“Extreme’s differentiator is helping customers establish the network as a profit center, not a cost center,” said Norman Rice, COO at Extreme Networks in a statement. “In retail and grocery specifically, we help customers unlock significant value from their network investment by leveraging network intelligence and leaning into automation to improve the in-store experience, streamline operations and drive associate productivity.”