Microsoft Leads the Charge to Help Retailers Harness Cloud Technology with New Industry Alliance

Microsoft's new Retail Cloud Alliance aims to help retailers harness cloud technology.

Microsoft has launched a new Retail Cloud Alliance (RCA) aimed at educating and empowering retailers to leverage cloud technology effectively.

This collaborative program features Microsoft experts and resources alongside those from a number of partners, including Adobe, Amperity, Sunrise Technologies and Icertis. The alliance also includes an Advisory Council made up of retail subject matter experts hailing from Forrester Research, Texas A&M University, ThinkUncommon, Insider Trends and Retail TouchPoints’ own Alicia Esposito, among others.  

The Retail Cloud Alliance will look to address the unprecedented challenges and opportunities faced by retailers today by empowering them with the knowledge required to harness the full potential of cloud technology. Resources will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including optimizing supply chains, creating personalized customer experiences, enhancing security and compliance, scaling operations and futureproofing retail.

“For retailers this mass migration to the cloud has become imperative to meet scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency needs,” according to the RCA website. “If implemented and utilized correctly, secure and flexible cloud platforms offer substantial cost savings, access to critical data and a wealth of operational benefits across varied functions of your organization. RCA aims to meet these imperatives by providing retailers with a wealth of content, resources, engaging discussions and consultation designed to educate and enable them to leverage cloud technology fully.”

All retailers, regardless of their size or current technology infrastructure, are invited to join the RCA program and access the latest educational content.