MNTN Integrates with Popular Measurement Platform

MNTN has fully integrated with Rockerbox, allowing marketers to more accurately measure the influence of their connected TV (CTV) advertising on conversions and revenue alongside other marketing channels directly within the Rockerbox platform.

The integration includes MNTN’s proprietary Verified Visits attribution, which is designed to attribute site visits to CTV ads only when the ads actually prompt users to take action. This type of CTV measurement can provide reliable data as cookies begin to be deprecated.

In initial integration testing, 70% of advertisers saw CTV costs-per-acquisition (CPAs) that were 18% to 33% lower than their top-spending acquisition channels. Additionally, advertisers saw up to a 5X increase in attributed conversions and an 82% improvement in CPA with Verified Visits data compared to default impression-to-IP matching alone.

Driving CTV Success, from Creative to Optimization

MNTN’s self-serve platform is designed to help marketing teams turn CTV into a performance channel, providing real-time measurement and optimization capabilities to help them generate better results from ads. Additionally, with Creative-as-a-Subscription (CaaS), MNTN advertisers can receive fresh TV creative, produced by advertising experts at QuickFrame by MNTN.

Brands and retailers can tap into MNTN’s 100+ partnerships with CBS, ESPN, FOX, Peacock, and other premium providers to deliver CTV ads and target delivery using integrated audiences, customizable retargeting segments, CRM lists and high-performance audiences generated by MNTN Matched.