New Slate of Google Tools Aims to Help Holiday Bargain Hunters

Google unveils new shopping features to help bargain hunters this holiday season.

It’s no secret that holiday shoppers this year are looking for deals, and Google wants to help. A new dedicated Deals page in Search will bring together millions of on-sale items, and new features in Chrome are designed to help shoppers ensure they’re getting the best price on whatever product they have their eye on.

Making it Easier to ‘Shop Deals’

New Deals Experience on Google Search
New Deals Experience on Google Search (Image courtesy Google)

Users can now access the Google deals destination in Search by searching the term: “shop deals.” Shoppers interested in a specific category also can add that to the search term to get more specific results, for example, “shop sneaker deals.”

The general Deals page features promotions and markdowns in a range of top holiday categories — including apparel, electronics, toys and beauty — from a wide variety of merchants, ranging from big-box stores and multi-brand retailers to DTC brands and local stores. Users can then scroll through carousels of deals by category, which will take into account what the user usually likes to shop for when signed into Google.

Price Checking and Tracking Features in Chrome

Chrome Price Insights
Chrome Price Insights. (Image courtesy Google)

Google also has added a number of new features in Chrome to help shoppers ensure they’re getting the best price, including:

  • A “resume browsing” card will appear when users open a new tab in Chrome on their desktop, showing products that were recently viewed and indicating if an active promotion is available;
  • When visiting a product page on a merchant site, users also can click the new “discount tag” icon in the Chrome address bar to see available coupon codes for the site they’re visiting. (Merchants can manage where their deals show up across Google in their Merchant Center settings.);
  • Google price insights features, which are already available on Search, are now available on Chrome on desktop and will show shoppers a product’s typical price range and a price history graph for up to the last 90 days, so shoppers can ensure they don’t buy at the wrong time and miss a potential sale or promotion;
  • When viewing a product on Search from Chrome on a mobile device, users can now click the bell icon next to the product name to get price drop alerts via email and/or push notifications; and
  • Users can now easily bookmark products in a new Shopping List folder in Chrome on desktop and get price tracking updates, if available.