PacSun Expands Unified Commerce Strategy with New POS

PacSun has implemented a new POS to support its unified commerce vision, which includes empowering associates to create omnichannel experiences.

PacSun is expanding its partnership with Manhattan Associates to further its unified commerce vision. The specialty retailer for Gen Z has selected Manhattan Active Point of Sale to enhance its omnichannel sales strategy and deliver seamless shopping experiences across all channels.

The retailer already uses Manhattan Active Omni Order Management, including store inventory and fulfillment capabilities. Expanding its capabilities to include Manhattan Active Point of Sale will give associates a single, intuitive experience across all in-store selling, engagement and fulfillment functions. Across more than 300 stores nationwide, they will have access to customer interaction insights, customer-controlled fulfillment functions and omnicart capabilities as well as critical selling tools like clienteling and endless aisle.

“The addition of Manhattan Active Point of Sale is a pivotal moment for PacSun as we solidify our position as a leader in unified commerce,” said Shirley Gao, CIO of PacSun in a statement. ” This powerful application gives us access to advanced omnicart capabilities, customer interaction insights, clienteling, customer-controlled fulfillment and endless aisle functionality to deliver an advanced omnichannel shopping experience to our customers.”