Petco Enhances POS and Loyalty in Central America with New Solution

Petco is enhancing its presence in Latin America by implementing the Teamwork Commerce omnichannel solution at its more than 118 stores in Mexico and Chile. The implementation includes the solution provider’s POS, Loyalty Program and Inventory Control functions, all integrated with its CRM and Online Store platform.

Petco will leverage Teamwork Commerce’s cloud-based functionality to power the Club Petco loyalty program, awarding shoppers coupons based on their purchases whether they shop in-store or online. Additionally, Petco has adopted a strategy to streamline the checkout process by incorporating QR code scanning for grooming services and bulk products, allowing multiple items to be added with a single scan.

This initiative also consolidates much of the information Petco collects into a single system, which enables a smoother checkout process that minimizes human error and provides a better user experience. The system also lets Petco offer paperless receipts via email or through the Petco app.

“Teamwork Commerce has become one of the key pillars in achieving omnichannel capabilities at Petco,” said Guillermo Prieto Cortes, CIO of Petco Mexico in a statement. “It has reinforced Club Petco, our successful loyalty program, and we have been able to implement real-time targeted experiences to pamper our customers both in physical stores and on the ecommerce platform.”

Petco recently enhanced its U.S. loyalty program as well by merging its two membership programs into one combined offering under the Vital Care banner. The two-tiered program offers free perks such as points with purchases and pet health tools, and shoppers can choose to opt into to Vital Care Premier for a monthly fee to gain additional benefits like unlimited routine vet exams and a dedicated member help line.