PetSmart Upgrades Loyalty Program with Personalization, New Tiers

PetSmart has added two new tiers to its renamed loyalty program, Treats Rewards, along with personalized offers, special benefits for members using services like grooming and Doggie Day Camp and additional rewards for charitable donations. The retailer already has more than 67 million Rewards members who will be automatically enrolled in the enhanced program.

Key elements of the new Treats Rewards program include:

  • New tiers: Member, Bestie and Very Important Pet Parent (VIPP) tiers will be based on annual spend. Members can advanced to the Bestie tier when they spend $500 to $999 and to the VIPP tier by spending $1,000 or more. Besties earn two additional points for every dollar they spend, with VIPPs earning four points;
  • Personalized offers and benefits such as a free gift on their pet’s birthday or gotcha day, along with existing benefits like early access to sales and new products and members-only in-store pricing;
  • Rewards for using PetSmart services, including new Salon Reward Certificates and savings on Doggie Day Camp; and
  • Donations to PetSmart Charities will earn 2X Treats Rewards points.

“With 93% of purchases connected to a Treats Rewards account, there was a key business opportunity to bring value straight to customers through the loyalty program,” said PetSmart in a statement. “The features in the revamped program are designed to deepen pet parents’ connection to the PetSmart brand to create personalized value for a more meaningful experience.”

In April 2023 PetSmart partnered with Uber Eats for on-demand delivery from more than 1,600 stores.