Rite Aid Makes Employees the Stars of New Ad Campaign

Rite Aid has launched a new marketing campaign that puts its employees in the spotlight.

Rite Aid has launched its new ‘It Means More’ to celebrate its employees, who represent the company’s “steadfast focus on creating meaningful interactions,” according to a company statement.

The pharmacy chain is illustrating its commitment to serving customers by featuring actual employees engaging with visitors in a series of ad spots showing relatable situations, such as picking up urgent prescriptions and checking off a long (and diverse) to-do-list.

“Putting our customers first by creating authentic relationships is what differentiates Rite Aid in the retail pharmacy space,” said Jeanniey Walden, Chief Marketing Officer at Rite Aid in a statement. “‘It Means More’ is a testament to the exceptional service that our employees consistently deliver and the genuine connections they have with our customers. The heartfelt stories reflected in our ads highlight some of the many ways the Rite Aid experience not only provides the community with daily life necessities and fun extras but also adds a personalized touch, which is truly our special sauce. It means more to our company every time someone chooses to walk through our doors.”