Amazon and Shopify Bring ‘Buy with Prime’ to Merchants with New App

Shopify and Amazon have announced the launch of a new app integration that will allow merchants to easily add Buy with Prime to their ecommerce sites.

Amazon is bringing ‘Buy with Prime’ capabilities to Shopify merchants via a new app integration. Buy with Prime was designed to give Prime members fast, free delivery and easy returns through Amazon’s fulfillment network and ultimately help brands increase shopper conversion by about 25%

Now, the new app is empowering Shopify merchants to offer this seamless payment experience to their customers. The Buy with Prime app for Shopify gives Prime members the option to select Buy with Prime on a product’s detail page before completing their order within Shopify’s Checkout. After signing into their Amazon accounts, Prime members will pay for their orders using a payment method from their Amazon wallets and Shopify Payments will process the payment through Shopify’s Checkout.

The app is rolling out as invite-only to select Shopify merchants and will be available to all U.S.-based Shopify merchants who are already using or want to use Amazon’s fulfillment network by the end of September 2023.

Previously, Shopify merchants were able to implement Buy with Prime independent of their Shopify admin. Now, they can install the Buy with Prime app for Shopify quickly, and without coding, and then select items from their Amazon inventory that they want to be part of their Buy with Prime product catalog on Shopify. For each item selected, the Buy with Prime button will automatically appear on the product’s detail page matching the existing theme of a merchant’s online storefront.

The new app is also designed to simplify the day-to-day merchant experience by using their existing Shopify settings, customizations and supported third-party app integrations. Merchants will see automatically synced orders, promotions, catalog listings and taxes within their Shopify admin. Merchants will continue to own the customer data that comes through Buy with Prime purchases. As part of this integration, Amazon Pay will be offered as a payment option within Shopify Payments, so Shopify merchants can easily manage their Amazon Pay transactions.

“After trying a number of ways to increase shopper conversion and build genuine relationships with our shoppers, we can confidently say that offering Buy with Prime on our website has been the most impactful,” said Alexis Beuning, DTC Sales and Brand Manager for Sherpani in a press statement. “We’re excited to continue growing as a Buy with Prime merchant, and the new native integration is going to make the day-to-day management of Buy with Prime easier for our Shopify store.”

Amazon and Shopify reported in a statement that they plan to iterate together on the Buy with Prime app for Shopify and roll out additional features in the future.