TikTok Launches Generative AI Tool to Help Brands with Content Creation

TikTok's new generative AI creative assistant.

TikTok has debuted a new AI-powered virtual assistant, the TikTok Creative Assistant, to “intelligently collaborate with brands and creators throughout their creative journey on TikTok.” The tool draws on the platform’s database of “creative knowledge” to help brands and creators brainstorm ideas, understand best practices, uncover trends and find inspiration. The new tool is available to all TikTok Business users via the TikTok Creative Center.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen trends and culture come to life through our global TikTok community, with creating content being at the heart of TikTok,” said the company in a blog post announcing the new tool. “The urge to connect and tell stories, spark conversations, drive creativity and culture lives among brands and creators alike. But today, we see that too much time is spent on creative ideation processes that take up time and energy. To allow you to focus on creativity and reconnect you to the joy of creation, we are tapping into the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence technology to work together with you on ideating better and faster for TikTok.”

The tool offers a range of capabilities for both new-to-TikTok brands and platform veterans, including:

  • Advising newer creators on how to get started and guiding them through TikTok best practices;
  • Showcasing and analyzing top-performing ads on the platform to help brands in the research phases;
  • Brainstorming ideas for content; and
  • Writing and helping refine scripts.

The company was careful to note that Creative Assistant is merely a “launchpad” for creative ideation, adding that the tool will play “the role of a collaborator in your creation journey. You are also always in total control, and have the option to use, edit, discard or redo the materials. These prompts are only suggestions, and you are able to change and tell Creative Assistant what you need help with.”

The new generative AI tool debuts just weeks after TikTok officially launched its commerce functionality, TikTok Shop. As the platform looks to now draw in sales as well as eyeballs, helping brands efficiently create effective content will offer a further boost for TikTok’s ongoing push into the world of connected commerce.