Timex Decides It’s Time for a Circular Program for Watches

Timex will seek to keep watches “on wrists and out of landfills” with the debut of its Timex ReWound program, according to Shari Fabiani, SVP of Brand and Creative at Timex Group.

Consumers wishing to upcycle their watches will receive a prepaid shipping label, and the brand will inspect, clean and refurbish used watches with a working battery to prepare them for resale. Watches that have ticked their last tick will be broken down, with their parts upcycled into new products. The program is currently only available in the U.S., but Timex may expand it in the future.

“Every watch has a soul and a story to be told, and this initiative will help keep our planet ticking,” said Fabiani in a statement. “Circularity is about maintaining value and not creating waste in the process.”

The brand also is expanding its sustainability initiatives by using materials such as #tide ocean material, apple peel, wheat husk, waterless leather tanning processes, eco-ceramic and Leather Working Group-certified leathers to lower its carbon footprint, with a goal of having 50% of its collection made with eco-friendly components by 2025. Additionally, Timex is working toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, beginning with a 50% cut by 2030.