Tofurky Leans into Ridiculousness with Gag Gifts in Digital Holiday Shop

Tofurky has unveiled a holiday shop featuring gag gifts for all of your White Elephant needs, including candles, aprons and T-shirts.

When it debuted its first Holiday Roast in 1995, Tofurky struck a cultural chord and became embedded into the holiday cultural zeitgeist.

To celebrate that some people passionately love the Holiday Roasts (more than 7.2 million of them have been sold to date), but that others consider them a ready-made joke, Tofurky has unveiled an ecommerce experience for holiday 2023 that touts a vast assortment of “hilariously ludicrous gifts.”

The site features Tofurky-scented candles, a cooking apron, Crocs Jibbitz charms, Pepp’roni pizza blankets, Tofurky Roast hanging ornaments, howling wolf T-shirts and more, with prices ranging from $9 to $35.

“It’s time to celebrate two of the more outlandish (yet truly beloved) holiday traditions of the year; serving a Tofurky Roast at your holiday table and hosting a White Elephant party,” said Jaime Athos, President and CEO of Tofurky in a statement. “Take these preposterous gifts to your family or office party and watch friends double down on frivolous swaps to land the gift pile crown jewel.”