Walmart Raises Pay for 7,000+ Opticians and Pharmacists

Walmart pharmacist

Walmart is raising salaries for approximately 3,700 pharmacists and more than 4,000 opticians as part of its effort to become an employer of choice for its growing Health & Wellness business. The retailer also is launching an Optician Development Program to help vision associates gain more career opportunities as part of the initiative.

Walmart’s average salary for its pharmacists now tops $140,000 annually, not including bonuses and incentives. The retailer raised pay for its pharmacy assistants in June 2022, bringing their average wage to $20 per hour.

After increasing pay for its opticians, Walmart expects their average wage to top $22.50 per hour. The company also is launching an Optician Development Program, supporting training paid for by Walmart through the Optical Training Institute. Opticians can then obtain certification and licensure from the American Board of Opticianry and the National Contact Lens Examiners organizations, with Walmart covering any licensure or certification fees.

In January, Walmart raised pay for its workers to an hourly average of $17.50 and expanded its support for associates seeking college degrees and certifications.