Walmart Unveils Slate of Tech Initiatives Using Generative AI and AR

Walmart has unveiled a number of new tech features for customers including ar beauty try-on.

Walmart has unveiled a host of new tech-powered experiences that it has already launched or is currently testing, all designed to simplify the lives of its customers. The tools already launched include enhanced search via the use of generative AI, a new beauty try-on experience and a voice assistant in the retailer’s app.

Here’s the full slate of new tech that Walmart is rolling out and/or working on:

  • Generative AI-enhanced search to generate more relevant results based on context and allow customers to search by specific use cases, such as “unicorn-themed toddler birthday party,” instead of conducting multiple separate searches;  
  • A GenAI assistant to help customers with complex purchases, such as selecting an age-appropriate cell phone that’s compatible with their current wireless provider;  
  • Testing of other GenAI uses cases to help customers make shopping decisions with tools that highlight priority product features and condense reviews into concise summaries;
  • A new voice experience in the Walmart mobile app so customers can shop hands-free. This new capability builds on the Text to Shop functionality the retailer rolled out last year, and will allow customers to shop using voice commands, engage in back-and-forth conversations and book pickup and delivery time slots.  
  • A new beauty try-on experience that adjusts based on different skin tones and face shapes. The new tool is now available for use on more than 1,400 blush/bronzer, eyeshadow and lip products, and while in the experience, customers also can shop a curated assortment of complementary items to provide them with a complete makeup look, helping them to fully visualize how the products work together. 
  • Experimenting with a new tool that combines the power of GenAI and AR to build on its existing slate of home and furniture AR try-out tools and provide actual design help. With this tool, which is still in early-stage development, customers can share their budget, theme and any other preferences to receive personalized assistance, powered by GenAI, in designing a room; and 
  • Continued exploration of ways to enable commerce in virtual worlds, as it’s doing in the mobile game House Flip.