What a Doll! Walmart Gives Shoppers a Peek into Barbie’s Shopping Cart

Walmart celebrities

Walmart has debuted a digital-first shopping experience that provides customers with a view into three celebrities’ online carts: football star Patrick Mahomes, pop singer Becky G and the ultimate consumer (and consumer product), Barbie. Customers can shop customized carts filled with items for some of these notables’ favorite moments.

“What’s in a shopping cart says a lot about our customers and who they are,” said Casey Schlaybaugh, VP of Brand Strategy and Marketing at Walmart in a blog post. “It’s more than just a shopping list — carts give us a glimpse into our customers’ passions, interests and what matters most in their daily lives. Through countless orders of fresh watermelon and giant plush toys twice the size of our pup, Zoe, my Walmart shopping cart provides a small window into my world and what my day looks like.”

Barbie’s cart includes cosmetics to prepare for a “Pink Carpet,” to coincide with her upcoming film release, as well as pickleball accessories and the ability to book time at a nearby pickleball court in collaboration with Break the Love.

Mahomes, a dad and dog dad, has a cart including golf accessories, items for backyard fun and dog toys and treats. And Becky G, who is launching a headlining tour across the U.S. this fall, has fitness items and kitchen accessories in her cart. Customers can shop Becky G’s Walmart live with the singer on July 25 at 7 p.m. Eastern on Walmart.com/Live or on Walmart’s Facebook page. The livestream also will be simulcast on Becky G’s Facebook page.