Amazon Brings its Newest Series Gen V to Life with Shoppable Virtual Experience

Amazon has created a virtual store based on Godolikin University from the upcoming series Gen V.

Amazon has launched a new virtual experience where fans can shop for products from Prime Video series and movies, beginning with the upcoming series Gen V, a spinoff of The Boys that will debut on Sept. 29.

A shoppable dorm room in the Gen V virtual experience.
A shoppable dorm room. (Photo courtesy Amazon)

Customers can immerse themselves in the world of Gen V with a virtual visit to Godolkin University, the fictional university where the show is set. Fans are invited to explore the campus through an Easter-egg-laden campus tour. Visitors can explore the campus exterior; watch the Godolkin University “orientation” video at the student union; check out Vought-a-Burger; and visit the Campus Store, where U.S. fans also can shop for Gen V gear. Within the residence hall, there are also a number of dormitory rooms where U.S. fans can shop dorm room products, and Dean Shetty’s office will be coming to the experience soon.

The experience is currently only available on web-based browsers. While it is available globally, only visitors based in the U.S. can shop the approximately 150 items available for sale on the site. To buy an item, U.S. visitors simply click on items with a price, and then select “Buy Now” to complete their purchase on

Shopping experience in Amazon's virtual store for Gen V
Photo courtesy Amazon