Dress for (Electoral) Success: M.M.LaFleur Revives ‘Ready to Run’ Program for Female Candidates

M.M.LaFleur is bringing back one of the positive elements of the 2020 elections, its Ready to Run program, which provides apparel — and now styling advice — to female political candidates. More than 1,000 women applied for the 2020 program, with the retailer lending clothes to more than 275 women running for positions from City Council to Congress. Among those participants, 183 got their names on ballots for that year’s election.

For 2024, M.M.LaFleur is introducing the Style Strategists program to provide even more personalized support. When candidates submit their campaign schedule, they’ll be matched with a Style Strategist to help plan ensembles for their events. Additionally, based on data from the 2020 Ready to Run program, these Strategists also will be curating a special assortment of products, including the machine-washable Moreland Jacket and Colby Pant and washable silk fabrics.

“When we first launched Ready to Run, I was shocked to hear from candidates just how hard it is to get ready for the campaign trail,” said Sarah LaFleur, CEO and Founder of M.M.LaFleur in a statement. “We had a woman who was a firefighter and a mom of four share with us, ‘I can’t even begin to tell you how stressful the “how to dress” piece of running for office has been.’ Our goal is to take the guesswork out of getting dressed when running for office so that candidates can focus on what actually matters: getting their message across.”

Female candidates can apply for the program on the Ready to Run site; after they have had their credentials approved, they’ll receive three clothing items. Following the election, the candidates are encouraged to donate the apparel to Bottomless Closet, a nonprofit that empowers New York city women in need to enter the workforce.