Goop Launches New Mass Beauty Brand at Target, Amazon 

With Good.Clean.Goop, the luxury brand is bringing clinical, high-quality beauty and skincare products to more people.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand has typically been synonymous with “exclusivity” and even “elitism.” But now, the actress is attempting to re-engage with everyday consumers by launching a new beauty brand that will be sold at Target and on Amazon starting Oct. 22, 2023.  
Aptly called Good.Clean.Goop, the line features a collection of 14 products, from a foaming jelly cleanser to exfoliating scrubs and daily “chews” for beauty, skin and even mood. Every product is under $40 and made with botanicals, superfood and what the brand calls “cleanical” ingredients. (That means “clean with clinical performance.”)  

“We’ve learned a lot along the way as we’ve built Goop Beauty, and now we’re thrilled to be able to launch a new brand — Good.Clean.Goop — that meets our strict clean standards at an accessible price point,” said Paltrow, the brand’s Founder and CEO, in a statement. “Good.Clean.Goop takes an innovative approach to classic skin care, leaning into clean hero ingredients that really work.” 

Goop first entered the skincare space in 2016 and then swiftly launched Goop Beauty, with both lines emphasizing “results-driven” products with “best-in-class incredients,” according to a company blog. “Now, with Good.Clean.Goop, we’re making beautiful clean essentials available to more people.”