Rite Aid Offers OTC Birth Control Pill at All Locations

Rite Aid has made Opill, the first daily oral contraceptive that’s been FDA-approved for purchase without a prescription, available chainwide. The progestin-only birth control pill has been designated safe and effective when used as directed to help prevent pregnancy. The pills are available for a suggested retail price of $19.99 for a one-month supply and $49.99 for a three-month supply.

“Carrying an over-the-counter FDA-approved birth control pill is an important step in increasing access to reproductive health products and services for women,” said Karen Staniforth, SVP and Chief Pharmacy Officer at Rite Aid in a statement. “Rite Aid remains committed to providing convenient access to customers for all of their health and wellness needs.”

Access to reproductive health medications became more urgent with the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling in June 2022, which reversed the longstanding Roe v. Wade decision preserving abortion access. Many states have passed legislation to restrict abortion, including medication-induced abortions. Last month the Supreme Court heard challenges to FDA rules making access to abortion medications easier; a decision is expected this summer. In January 2023 Rite Aid competitors Walgreens and CVS revealed that they would carry mifepristone, one of the drugs involved in medication-induced abortions.

Earlier this month, Rite Aid announced a financial restructuring that would cut $2 billion of debt and settle outstanding opioid-related claims.