Ulta Enters the World of ‘Beauty Experience Automation’ with Pilot of New Lash Application Tech

Ulta Beauty is piloting Luum Precision Lash's tech for lash application.

Ulta Beauty will be the first retailer to pilot Luum Precision Lash’s new technology, which uses a combination of robotics and AI to enable lash artists to apply false eyelashes faster and more comfortably.

Lash extensions can take hours to apply, but Luum’s new technology promises to cut that down to less than 75 minutes for a full set, and the company hopes that continued advancement will get the process down to as short as 33 minutes in the near future. Faster turnaround times also offer the potential for retailers to more easily scale these kinds of services, marking the debut of a what Luum calls “an entirely new category: beauty experience automation.”

Luum Precision Lash is a portfolio company of Prisma Ventures, Ulta’s digital innovation fund. The new technology is being piloted at Ulta’s South San Jose store at Village Oaks in the Bay Area. At launch, customers are able to select from among three lash styles and two lengths, with full-set appointments costing $170 and fill-set appointments for $80.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Luum Precision Lash and support their innovative approach to driving advancements in beauty services,” said Prama Bhatt, Chief Digital Officer at Ulta Beauty in a statement. “As we continue to leverage AI to unlock new experiences for our guests through Prisma Ventures, we’re excited to offer beauty enthusiasts the chance to engage with Luum’s lash application services for the first time at our San Jose store.”