Walmart Aims to Streamline Sourcing with New Integrated Platform

Walmart is working with Bamboo Rose to develop and implement an enterprise sourcing platform (ESP) designed to bring together disparate systems and improve efficiencies with the retailer’s tens of thousands of suppliers around the world. The solution will support Walmart’s new global multicategory sourcing structure, which supports an EDLC (everyday low cost) operational model.

Having a single, integrated platform will help improve how Walmart procures and imports goods. Sourcing associates will be able to more easily collaborate with buyers, product development teams and suppliers. These associates also will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions based on volume and cost, improve access of goods to other markets and potentially reduce waste in categories such as perishable goods.

“I’m thrilled to be able to work with Bamboo Rose to develop a brand-new ecosystem connecting our global teams with a single platform, empowering us to go beyond simply streamlining information,” said Daniel Berg, VP of Product Global Sourcing at Walmart in a statement. “With this technology, we’ll be able to engage with suppliers across multiple growth stages, expand global offerings and make more efficient decisions.”

“We believe retailers succeed when they collaborate internally and across supplier networks to provide openness and opportunities for collective growth,” said Mike Mattei, Chief Revenue Officer at Bamboo Rose in a statement.