Walmart to Open 5th Next-Gen Fulfillment Center in 2026

Walmart, which had announced plans to open four next-generation fulfillment centers in June 2022, will build a fifth location scheduled to open in 2026 in Stockton, Calif. The 900,000-square-foot facility will help Walmart fulfill online orders for West Coast customers more quickly and efficiently.

“In response to increasing customer demand for online shopping, we are implementing technology to enhance delivery speed and accuracy for our customers, all the while creating new and exciting technology-empowered career paths for our associates,” said Karisa Sprague, SVP of Fulfillment Network Operations at Walmart U.S in a statement.

The high-tech fulfillment center, to be staffed by more than 1,000 associates, will feature an automated, high-density storage and retrieval system that streamlines a manual 12-step process down to just five steps. The new technology is designed to provide more comfort to associates and double the number of orders Walmart can fulfill in a day.

“The new Stockton facility is another great example of how Walmart is people-led and tech-powered,” said Maren Waggoner, SVP of End-to-End People Operations at Walmart U.S. in a statement. “It’s an investment in technology that will pave the way for good jobs and great careers for our associates.”