Wawa Unveils New Store Design, Brick-and-Mortar Expansion Plans

Wawa has unveiled its first “next generation” store design and revealed more details on its store expansion plans in Ohio and Kentucky.

Convenience store chain Wawa has unveiled its first “next generation” store design, in Henrico, Va., to showcase the company’s focus on designing for efficiency, and has revealed more details on its store expansion plans in Ohio and Kentucky.

The new exterior design for the Virginia store has a defined centered entry point, a “V”-shaped column and a cantilever roof canopy. The interior features warm and inviting aesthetics featuring modern materials as well as a raised ceiling and large windows that create a bright, airy feel. This open and modern concept helps Wawa effectively showcase its unique food and beverage offerings while also providing ample space for customers and associates to roam the store. Wawa unveiled the new store concept on Sept. 21, 2023, in commemoration of the brand’s first Virginia store, which opened in 1998.

“This new design is the next important step in our continued store evolution journey,” said Michelle Walsh, Director of New Store Design at Wawa in a statement. “It reflects our current ‘best thinking’ for design and efficiency, showcasing our expanding off-premise offers, built-to-order beverages and pizza.”

100 New Wawa Stores Over 10 Years

Walsh added that while Wawa is always laser-focused on creating a welcoming experience for visitors, the company “will always continue to evolve and enhance our interior and exterior design to create better experiences for our customers and associates.”

This likely means that Wawa will build on this new store design as it expands across the U.S. With 1,000 convenience stores operating in six states and Washington, D.C., the privately held, family-owned chain plans to open 40 new stores in Kentucky and 60 in Ohio over the next eight to 10 years.

Wawa will break ground on a store in both states in mid-2024. Thus far, the company has 15 sites under contract in Kentucky and more than 16 confirmed in Ohio. These projects are currently going through the permitting and approval process, which means specific location and timeline details won’t be revealed until the process is complete. The first store locations are projected to open by mid-2025.