Albertsons Expands Onsite Retail Media Offerings with Criteo Integration

Albertsons Media Collective is working with Criteo to expand its retail media offerings.

Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm of the Albertsons Companies, has teamed up with commerce media solution Criteo to expand its onsite retail media offerings.

Criteo will support Albertsons Media Collective’s onsite sponsored ad offerings and help the division expand to newer ad formats, such as commerce display and sponsored video, in the coming months through integrations with Criteo’s demand- and supply-side offerings.

Through Criteo’s self-service demand-side platform (DSP) Commerce Max, Albertsons Media Collective can onboard first-party data, in-store sales data and shopper signals to empower advertisers to reach Albertsons shoppers across its owned and operated properties. In addition, Criteo’s retailer monetization suite, Commerce Yield, will allow Albertsons to continue to monetize its online assets and tap into new incremental demand driven by Criteo.

With the combination of Commerce Yield and Commerce Max, Albertsons Media Collective aims to create an ecosystem where its CPG brand and agency partners have access to robust onsite inventory and can manage large-scale media buys within the Criteo platform. 

“We are confident that integrating Criteo into our operations will enhance our client services to better support brands and agencies through expanded service models and channels,” said Harvey Ma, VP at Albertsons Media Collective in a statement. “This partnership demonstrates our commitment to empowering brand advertisers with greater flexibility and diverse ad formats as they look to craft full-funnel advertising strategies, and we are excited to see the growth opportunities that result from this partnership.”

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